Mature woman sitting with a hand on her face.If you’ve been told that you need Dr. Perry Brooks or Dr. Seth Brooks to surgically place dental implants in your mouth to replace missing teeth, or to replace teeth that need to be extracted due to disease, injury, or other damage, you can rest assured that these teeth replacement systems are the best option on the dental market today. In fact, implants are just as strong as natural teeth, will never slip and slide like dentures do, and allow you to eat and chew anything you want!

Why Are Dental Implants So Strong?

The secret behind dental implants’ strength is that they’re not removable from Norman dental patients’ mouths, like dentures. They also don’t just cover a missing tooth with a crown that’s not attached to the jawbone, like dental bridges.

Dental implants are entirely different.

The first difference between an implant and other tooth replacement system options is that implants are permanently secured directly into your jawbone with a titanium rod. This strong rod acts like a tooth root, not only keeping your implant in place, but also stimulating your jawbone growth so that you won’t experience bone resorption, which could cause jawbone or even facial changes.

The next reason that implants are so different from dentures and bridges is that they are covered with strong, realistic-looking tooth crowns. In fact, the crowns that are placed on Norman patients’ dental implants are so strong that you can chew the chewiest taffy you want, or bite down on the crunchiest peanut brittle you can find, and they still won’t break, slip, slide!

Implants Are Also the Most Realistic Looking Tooth Replacement System on the Market, Too

Not only are implants the strongest tooth replacement system that Norman dental patients can choose, but they also provide them with the most natural-looking smile as possible. Bridges are only meant to replace one missing tooth. Dentures can replace a full upper jaw, but often don’t look natural, and they also have to be removed at night.

But because implants are surgically implanted into the jaw of patients, they are a permanent solution that’s meant to last a lifetime when they are cared for properly. And they look just like natural teeth. In fact, some of our patients choose to get implants for total smile makeovers when they’re unhappy with the current aesthetics of their smile.

Find Out if You’re Eligible for Implants Today

If you’re missing teeth, or know you need some extracted, you want to visit Dr. Perry Brooks or Dr. Seth Brooks to find out if you’re ready for immediate implant placement, or if you require a pre-surgery, first. You see, because implants are placed in the jawbone, Norman patients who’ve been missing teeth for a while may require a jawbone graft to regrow bone tissue that’s already been lost. Some patients receiving implants in their upper arch may also need a sinus lift if their sinus cavities are naturally low. An examination from Dr. Perry Brooks or Dr. Seth Brooks, complete with advanced dental images, can let you know what your treatment plan will look like for implant placement.

To schedule an initial consultation, call our practice in Norman today at (405) 329-3500.