Older woman with long gray hair smilingDr. Seth R. Brooks understands what a big decision it is when any one of his Norman patients decides to have dental implants placed. There are a lot of things to consider—and a lot of things to look forward to. When it’s all said and done, your oral function will be completely restored, and you’ll have a smile you can trust and be proud of!

But in preparing for your dental implants surgery, you’ll also need to consider the restrictions you’ll have after their placement. While the restrictions won’t be around forever, it’s important that you limit or avoid a few things in the days immediately following your procedure. 

Adhere to the Modified Oral Hygiene Instructions

When you have been released to the care of a friend or family member following the placement of your dental implants, you’ll be provided with a detailed list of post-op instructions. It’s important that you follow these instructions carefully to ensure your recovery period is successful.

Included in these instructions are guidelines for caring for your dental implants in the days and weeks following your surgery. Eventually, you’ll be able to care for your teeth just as you did your natural teeth, but immediately after your dental implants surgery, you’ll need to be careful when brushing. Norman patients should avoid direct contact with their surgical sites and avoid flossing until Dr. Seth R. Brooks has given the okay.

Additionally, rinsing and spitting should be done with caution. Dr. Seth R. Brooks recommends Peridex Oral Rinse twice a day, and warm salt water rinses 4-5 times a day during recovery. This process should happen with care, and rather than spitting forcefully, Dr. Seth R. Brooks recommends allowing the rinse to fall from the mouth instead. 

Avoid Strenuous Exercise

In the days following your dental implants surgery, Norman patients should avoid strenuous exercise, as throbbing or bleeding may occur. You should be careful to give your body time to rest and recover in the few days following your surgery, but once Dr. Seth R. Brooks clears you to do so, you may work your way back to your normal exercise routine.

Do Not Use Tobacco Products

Dr. Seth R. Brooks knows that you know how bad nicotine is for your body, so he’s not here to lecture you about your tobacco use. However, in the days leading up to and following the placement of your dental implants, you’ll need to discontinue the use of any tobacco products. If you don’t, you could experience complications during your surgery as well as during your recovery period.

Because nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict, blood flow is restricted. When the body is recovering from surgery, ample blood flow is needed. If you choose to use tobacco products before and after your dental implants surgery, the healing process will be slowed and potentially compromised. One major complication you could experience as a direct result of tobacco use is peri-implantitis, which is the leading cause of dental implant failure.

Don’t jeopardize your investment. Take at least two weeks off from tobacco use before and after your surgery. If you need help quitting, call Dr. Seth R. Brooks, and he can connect you to a smoking cessation program in the Norman area.

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