Older woman with short gray hair enjoying a day outsideEvery year, men and women from all over Norman call Dr. Seth R. Brooks of Oklahoma Dental Implants & Oral Surgery to discuss dental implants to replace their loose, missing, or decayed teeth. This advanced tooth-replacement system offers patients unprecedented renewed oral function and beauty.

However, Dr. Seth R. Brooks is often faced with the task of preparing the mouths of his patients with various pre-surgeries before he can safely place dental implants. One of the most common surgeries he performs prior to dental implants placement is a bone graft. This procedure has many benefits and can literally make all the difference in determining whether or not your dental implants will succeed or fail.

Different Types of Bone Grafts

At Oklahoma Dental Implants & Oral Surgery in Norman, Dr. Seth R. Brooks has the ability to use a variety of bone grafts in order to prepare your mouth for dental implants. These include:

  1. Autogenous Bone Grafts, which uses bone cells from your own body.
  2. Allogenic Bone Grafts, which are bone cells harvested from a cadaver.
  3. Xenogeneic Bone Grafts, which are bone cells harvested from another species, such as a cow. 

If the natural bone cells are not an option, Dr. Seth R. Brooks can also discuss synthetic materials that could be utilized for your bone graft. 

Why Would a Bone Graft Be Required and How Is It Beneficial?

When you visit Dr. Seth R. Brooks for your initial consultation in his Norman office, he will take the time to perform a full and thorough oral examination of your mouth. He will evaluate your soft and hard tissues, take X-rays and 3D images, talk to you about your overall health history, and answer any questions you have about the dental implants procedure.

Many of Dr. Seth R. Brooks’ patients have had loose or missing teeth for an extended period of time. Without the stimulation of the tooth roots, the jawbone will begin to weaken and deteriorate. Over time, these patients are left with insufficient jawbone, and implants cannot be placed without a bone graft.

The biggest benefit of rebuilding bone for dental implants is to make the jawbone strong enough to securely hold dental implants permanently in place. By performing a bone graft procedure, Dr. Seth R. Brooks of Oklahoma Dental Implants & Oral Surgery can actually rebuild the jawbone base so that it becomes substantial enough to do just that.

Norman patients also benefit from rebuilding bone to prepare for dental implants if they have: congenital birth conditions that have caused the jawbone to weaken over time, a jawbone injury that needs to be repaired, or if they have had periodontal disease that has damaged their jawbone.

Let Dr. Seth R. Brooks Help You Get the Smile that You Deserve

If you’ve been wondering whether or not dental implants are the right tooth-replacement option for your loose, missing, or damaged teeth, the best thing you can do is call Dr. Seth R. Brooks in Norman to schedule a one-on-one consultation. He will work with you to formulate a plan that will suit your unique needs so you can get back to living your life to the fullest!

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