Older woman thinkingEvery year, Dr. Seth R. Brooks sees patients from all over Norman who are interested in learning more about the Immediate Smile implants procedure. This option eliminates the use of traditional dental implants, which require as many as one dental implant for every missing tooth. Instead, Dr. Seth R. Brooks is able to methodically place as few as four dental implants to support an entire bridge of teeth. This less invasive tooth-replacement model provides patients who have lost most or all of their teeth with a full smile in as little as one day.

All-on-4 Dental Implants are Used in the Immediate Smile Treatment

The Immediate Smile implants procedure utilizes the advanced technology of All-on-4 dental implants. By positioning the posterior dental implants at a 45-degree angle, Dr. Seth R. Brooks is able to place an entire bridge of teeth securely on top of 4 titanium dental implants. This strategic angle provides equal loading among the implants for a stable, comfortable, and secure fit.

When you visit Dr. Seth R. Brooks in his Norman office for your initial Teeth-In-A-Day consultation, he will begin by performing a full examination of your mouth, during which he will evaluate your remaining teeth and the health of your gums. Dr. Seth R. Brooks will then take X-rays and 3D images to assess the health of your jawbone. Finally, he will make impressions of your teeth in order to create replacement teeth and ensure they are a perfect fit.

The Immediate Smile implant option is a perfect solution for Norman patients who have lost most or all of their teeth and want to avoid the extensive process that comes with traditional dental implants. You can choose to have your upper arch replaced, your lower arch replaced, or both! Even better, many of Dr. Seth R. Brooks’ patients find the All-on-4 implant option to be more financially appealing as well!

The immediate smile implant Process

After your initial consultation, Dr. Seth R. Brooks will work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits your specific needs. On the day of your Immediate Smile procedure, he will prepare your mouth for your procedure by removing any remaining teeth and clearing away diseased gum tissue.

Dr. Seth R. Brooks will use the 3D imaging to carefully place 4 dental implants directly into your jawbone. Along with the angled posterior implants we mentioned above, he will also place two implants near the front of the mouth. This spacing provides equal distribution of the load of your new arch of teeth. After your implants have been placed, Dr. Seth R. Brooks will then add abutments to the top of them. These abutments hold your new set of teeth in place. Finally, he will place your arch of teeth on top of your dental implants, and you’ll be ready to head home!

Once your immediate smile implants have fused to your jawbone, you’ll be free to eat, drink, and speak without worry or embarrassment. Not to mention, your new smile will be natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing, so you’ll want to get to work showing it off all over Norman!

Start Your Journey to a New Smile Today With Dr. Seth R. Brooks

To find out if the Immediate Smile implants option is right for you, call Dr. Seth R. Brooks in Norman today. Scheduling a one-on-one consultation with him is the only way to find out what your tooth-replacement options are, so call him today at (405) 329-3500!